Adhering to the mission of “technology changes the world, photovoltaic protects the earth” and relying on the values of “low-key, practical, sincere and grateful”, we are committed to the realization of the corporate vision of creating value and supplying clean energy for the society.

According to PVInfoLink, the company’s solar cell sales are ranked the third in the world in 2020, 2021 and the first half of 2022.

In 2022, the company has a total production capacity of around 30 GW solar cells, 2GW modules, 50KT tons of PV silicon material. We plan to increase additional 20GW N-Type cell capacity and 9GW module capacity in 2023 in various product base globally.

Long-Term Industry Leader – The World’s NO.3 PV cell Manufacturer in last few years

Better quality – globally certified and verified by 3rd party agencies.

Stability under Harsh Environment: Outstanding resistance to ammonia, salt mist, dust & sand, UV, moisture, etc.

Full product line, efficient service, global support, quick response, professional training and technical support.

HY-DH144P8, large size high power module for utility scale projects.

HY-DH108P8B, all black module for residential and commercial roof top markets.

Next generation N-Type product will be available in 2023


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1) Choose the suitable time:

Make sure the module under low irradiance and with normal temperature. Such as the early morning, evening, rainy or cloudy days.

2) Clean the floating dust or leaves

3) Use soft-water with low pressure to rinse the module surface and then use soft cloth to clean the module.

Runergy’s three-dimensional capacity layout can ensure the traceability of each module manufacturing process, highly automated production line with the in-line QC control. High standards are maintained in the selection of component materials. New materials must pass stringent reliability tests before being introduced. All the measures will help assure the module quality.

Runergy single glass PERC PV modules are covered by our 12 years materials and workmanship warranty and 25 years performance warranty.

Runergy double glass PERC PV modules are covered by our 12 years materials and workmanship warranty and 30 years performance warranty.

Runergy double glass PERC: 2% in the 1st year, and annual degradation 0.45% in the rest 29 years.

Our modules are made with AR coated cell and glass. They are suitable for related project near or in the airport

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