About Runergy

Jiangsu Runergy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2013, is one of the most famous and innovative solar technology companies in the world. Runergy has established in-depth partnerships with Fraunhofer-ISE in Germany and UNSW in Australia. With continuous independent innovation, efficient execution and meticulous process management, Runergy’s solar cells have gained high praise from clients. According to InfoLink Consulting, Runergy has ranked the top three in the world in cell shipments for consecutive three years from 2020 to 2022. As of the end of 2023,Runergy has 63GW cell capacity and 11GW module capacity globally.

Based on advantages in the field of solar cells, Runergy further extends the industrial chain to upstream and downstream. Currently, the company’s production bases include: Ningxia polysilicon base, Yancheng cell base, Jianhu ultra-high efficiency cell base, Yancheng Hyperion module base, Thailand cell & module production base, and Yunnan ultra-high efficiency cell base. Through the embedded integrated strategy, Runergy meets the needs of global clients.

By providing consistently high-quality products to clients, Runergy offers a more transparent and efficient supply chain, which enables us to resist the turbulent market environment and establish a reliable and trustworthy brand.

From polysilicon to module

Automation and Intelligence

N-type High Efficiency

Smart manufacturing

We have an end-to-end intelligent manufacturing process, combined with mature field management technology, to ensure the supply of high-quality photovoltaic products for global customers.

Manufacturing Strength

Quality Control

Intelligent control

High Compatibility



High Quality


Jiangsu Runergy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. established in China
Phase I of the Runergy Yueda Plant put into operation
Phase II of the Runergy Yueda Plant put into operation
Phase I of the Runergy Thailand Plant put into operation
Phase I of the Runergy Jianhu Plant put into operation
Phase I and II of the Runergy Century Plant put into operation
Phase III of the Runergy Thailand Plant put into operation
Ningxia polysilicon plant put into operation
Yancheng Hyperion module plant put into operation



SAFE Integrated Supply Chain

We have a sound supply chain and strong cell R & D and manufacturing capacity, which can provide customers with safe and stable photovoltaic products.

We have a production capacity of 50,000 tons of polysilicon in Ningxia to ensure the security of supply
We have more than 30GW of high efficiency cell capacity worldwide. And we rank 3rd for global PV cell sales.
In 2023, we will have 9GW module capacity in Thailand to provide high-power N-Type modules to global customers.
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Transforming the world with science and technology,
preserving it with photovoltaic energy.


To offer a platform where talented individuals can realize their aspirations;
To ensure employees and investors share in our successes;
To contribute to societal advancement through the creation of clean energy.