Runergy&Hyperion Solar and Nanosun Sign Global Distribution Agreement to Enhance Strategic Cooperation

Nanosun and Runergy&American Hyperion Solar have unveiled a strategic global distribution agreement, which was formally signed during the RE+ Vegas event. Pursuant to the agreement, both companies have committed to collaborate in the exploration of the photovoltaic market in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. This partnership is expected to leverage the strengths of both companies, drawing on both parties’ collective expertise and resources to drive growth and success in these critical regions.

Mitchell Aguirre, COO of Nanosun, and Dr. Longzhong Tao, Chairman and CEO of Runergy, attended the signing ceremony along with Ellen Wang, the Global Vice President of Sales for Runergy.

Mitchell Aguirre enthusiastically welcomed the partnership, acknowledging the agreement’s potential to empower Nanosun by harnessing Runergy&American Hyperion Solar’s extensive experience and expertise in the photovoltaic industry to expand its global reach. He confidently anticipated that this collaboration would drive the development of innovative and sustainable solutions, ultimately benefiting customers and communities worldwide, while simultaneously fostering the growth and prosperity of both entities.

Dr. Longzhong Tao expressed his sincere appreciation for the strategic global distribution agreement that has been established with Nanosun. He underscored the importance of this partnership, particularly in its potential to enter the photovoltaic market across Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Dr. Tao further emphasized that this alliance will serve as a catalyst, driving both companies towards the forefront of innovation and sustainability, and enabling the delivery of advanced energy solutions to markets worldwide.

This agreement between Nanosun and Runergy&Hyperion signifies the commencement of a concerted and steadfast effort to introduce the world’s leading PV modules to multiple regions. With this agreement in effect, both companies are positioned to broaden their collaboration and pursue novel prospects in diverse countries across the world. Our joint objective is to reinforce our standing in the market and enhance our sales outreach, thereby fostering progress and prosperity for both Nanosun and Runergy&Hyperion.

About Nanosun: Nanosun is a worldwide solar distributor. Nanosun is bringing solar power to the people and making this world a better place for the next generations. Thanks to its years-long experience in the distribution and wholesale supply of photovoltaic solar panels, inverters, construction, storage systems, EV chargers and other components for photovoltaics Nanosun offers only products that have proven to be highly efficient, reliable and cost-optimal. The goal of Nanosun is to deliver optimal technical solutions, quality and stability of the TOP 5 brands at affordable prices.

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