Runergy Joins Forces with the Polish Photovoltaics Association to Energize Solar Projects in Poland

Runergy has recently announced its partnership with the Polish Photovoltaics Association (PSF), the largest industry organization in Poland dedicated to the advancement of large-scale photovoltaic (PV) installations. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Runergy’s efforts to strengthen its ties with the solar energy industry in Poland, with a specific focus on offering tailored project support and prioritizing excellence and innovation in PV initiatives.

Poland’s energy landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with the country actively transitioning from coal-fired power generation to embracing renewable energy sources. By 2030, the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption aims to reach at least 23% (PEP2040), positioning itself as Europe’s third-largest solar market. This transition not only underscores Poland’s dedication to addressing climate change but also opens up vast opportunities for growth and innovation in the solar industry. The Polish National Energy Regulatory Authority (URE) predicts that by 2030, solar PV installed capacity will reach 25GW. As of January 2024, the total installed capacity of new energy in Poland has reached 28GW, including 17GW of solar energy.

Runergy has long recognized the potential of the Polish market, focusing on delivering high-quality products and comprehensive solutions that guarantee the profitability of solar projects. Our commitment to providing localized, top-tier services has established us as a trusted partner among local stakeholders.

The collaboration is designed to foster long-term growth and set the stage for technological advancements that align with market needs and future trends. A key objective is to generate significant value for investors, thereby attracting further investment and driving the sector’s expansion and innovation.

As Poland progresses in its renewable energy endeavors, the synergy between Runergy and PSF stands as a testament to our shared vision of a sustainable future. Together, we are dedicated to accelerating solar energy development in Poland, making a lasting impact on the global pursuit of sustainability.

About PSF

Polish Photovoltaics Association (PSF), established in 2019, is the largest industry organisation in Poland supporting the development of large-scale PV installations. Currently, PSF is representing more than 100 entities. Key objectives of PSF include increasing political and social awareness of the PV sector and development of appropriate regulatory environment. Polish Photovoltaics Association is integrating the PV market in Poland, providing space for exchange of knowledge and establishment of new relations, and organising seminars and events. It is the host of the PV Congress — the largest event of the PV industry in Poland.

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