Runergy Introduces N-Type High-Efficiency Modules in Brazil at Intersolar Tour in South America

Runergy has made its debut in Brazil at the Intersolar South America held in Sao Paulo from August 29th to 31st, 2023. Our latest photovoltaic module products, featuring high-efficiency N-type cells developed and produced by Runergy, were showcased at the event. We are delighted to share that our products received significant attention and generated inquiries from industry insiders. We are proud to have successfully showcased our products at this event and look forward to further expanding our presence in the Brazilian market.

South America boasts abundant light resources, making it an ideal location for the photovoltaic industry. Brazil stands out as a member of the “BRIC” group, with a strong economy and high power demand. It is considered a prime market for photovoltaic products in the Americas. Runergy recognizes the potential of South America as a key market and is actively establishing local partnerships to support the region’s green energy transformation.

At the exhibition, Runergy unveiled two new N-type modules. The HY-DH156N8 boasts a power output of up to 625W and features a double-glass design that meets the durability requirements of South America’s hot and humid climates. Meanwhile, the HY-DH132N10 leverages the advantages of large-size solar cells to deliver a power output of close to 700W, making it ideal for large-scale ground power stations. Runergy’s mainstream P-type PERC single-glass module, the HY-WH144P8, has a power output of up to 555W and is suitable for ground power stations and industrial and commercial roof projects. It is also lightweight and easy to install. Given that most of Brazil experiences high temperatures and rainfall year-round, Runergy’s new N-type modules offer advantages such as high heat resistance, reliability, and power generation that are well-suited for the country’s unique environmental conditions. Empirical data from Runergy’s laboratory shows that from April to June this year, N-type modules outperformed P-type modules by about 4% under fixed bracket systems as ambient temperatures rose. The annual average gain is expected to reach 4%, which can be maximized by combining N-type technology with a tracking bracket system to support Brazil’s local photovoltaic conversion efforts.

At the exhibition, Runergy’s team of experts delivered comprehensive explanations about the photovoltaic products and services to visitors, and actively engaged in discussions with local industry experts and customers, sharing our plans to drive green energy development in South America. Our booth successfully captured the attention of a large number of visitors who were keen to learn more and make inquiries.

Runergy is committed to technological innovation and strives to create high-quality photovoltaic products and services across the industry. We continuously improve and upgrade to meet the diverse needs of global customers. As global energy technologies and products evolve, Runergy will remain true to its original vision, prioritizing products and services, and dedicating itself to the high-quality development of green energy.

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