Runergy Celebrates Successful Showcase at Intersolar Europe 2024: Unveiling Innovations and Earning New Certifications

Runergy is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its participation in Intersolar Europe 2024, held from June 19 to June 21. As one of the world’s foremost solar exhibitions, Intersolar Europe provided an exceptional platform for Runergy to showcase its latest advancements and innovative technologies in the solar energy sector to a global audience.

Intersolar Europe 2024 spotlighted the latest innovations in solar energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Runergy’s booth emerged as a central attraction, drawing a substantial number of visitors, including solar energy engineers, industry experts, researchers from renowned renewable energy institutes, and government policymakers. This significant interest underscored Runergy’s pivotal role in advancing renewable energy solutions.

During the event, Runergy unveiled its new generation of N-type photovoltaic (PV) modules, featuring ultra-high-efficiency cell technology. The product lineup included a diverse range of modules, from lightweight, all-black modules designed for rooftop systems to 700W+ modules tailored for large-scale utility projects. Attendees were particularly impressed with the DH144N9 module, which boasts a power output of 615W and a conversion efficiency of 22.8%, optimized for challenging environments such as snow, deserts, and salt flats. Additionally, the DH108N12B module, ideal for rooftops, offers a power output of 445W, ensuring high returns and shorter investment cycles for homeowners.

Runergy’s participation in Intersolar Europe 2024 was marked by several key achievements. The company’s latest N-type module products, with an average energy conversion efficiency exceeding 23%, were showcased, demonstrating significant improvements in stability and reliability. During the exhibition, Runergy’s high-efficiency module products were awarded multiple certifications by international authoritative certification agencies. These included the IEC 62892 Extended thermal cycling testing certificate, IEC TS 63126 High temperature operation certificate, IEC TS 62782 Cyclic (dynamic) mechanical load testing certificate issued by TÜV Nord. Furthermore, Runergy’s module products received the prestigious “Top Performer” title from the independent testing laboratory Kiwa PVEL.

The event also featured an in-depth introduction to Runergy, where attendees gained valuable insights into the company’s current market position, growth strategies, and ongoing research and development initiatives. This interactive session fostered a deeper understanding of Runergy’s technological advancements and future plans.

Runergy’s successful participation in Intersolar Europe 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to providing global customers with reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective solar products and solutions. The company will continue to collaborate with upstream and downstream partners, actively explore and innovate, and leverage technological advancements to enhance its products. Runergy remains dedicated to meeting the needs of multi-scenario applications and contributing to global sustainable development.

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