Runergy Achieves Bronze Medal Recognition from EcoVadis for Outstanding CSR Performance

Runergy (the “Company”) has been honored with a Bronze Medal by EcoVadis, the globally recognized organization in evaluating companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance. This prestigious award places Runergy in the top 35% of all companies evaluated within the battery and accumulator manufacturing sector, highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Runergy Achieves Bronze Medal Recognition from EcoVadis for Outstanding CSR Performance

EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings, assesses over 10,000 companies across 200 industries in 175 countries. Its comprehensive Sustainability Scorecard evaluates companies on 21 indicators across four key themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. Runergy’s high scores, particularly in the areas of Environment, Labor & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement, reflect its ongoing dedication to integrating social responsibility and environmental consciousness into operations.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Green Practices

Runergy has always prioritized minimizing the environmental impact of its production processes. Many of its production sites are ISO14001 certified, underscoring its commitment to environmental management. The initiatives range from installing rooftop solar modules and utilizing eco-friendly electricity to producing sustainable products. Runergy is dedicated to advancing green and low-carbon practices, strictly adhering to pollution control measures and exceeding emission standards. The projects in ecological governance, such as photovoltaic barren land restoration and fishery enhancement, demonstrate its comprehensive approach to environmental protection.

Dedication to Employee Well-Being and Professional Development

Runergy values its employees’ health, well-being, and professional growth. The management systems are designed to offer competitive positions and ensure a safe working environment, as evidenced by ISO45001 certification for occupational health and safety management. Runergy has been recognized as a LinkedIn Rising Star in 2023 for its transparent and professional recruitment practices. To foster a positive work culture, Runergy organizes cultural events and sports activities, enhancing morale, efficiency, and team cohesion.

Runergy Achieves Bronze Medal Recognition from EcoVadis for Outstanding CSR Performance

Upholding Integrity and Fairness in All Business Practices

Runergy is dedicated to maintaining a fair and ethical business environment for all stakeholders. The company enforces a strict supplier code of conduct to uphold ethical standards externally, while internally emphasizing management integrity, preventing corruption, protecting trade secrets, and promoting ethical behavior.

Advancing Ethical Supply Chain and Sustainable Procurement Practices

Runergy is committed to integrating sustainable procurement practices into the supplier management processes. Runergy works closely with its suppliers on sustainable development plans aimed at reducing energy consumption, promoting sustainability, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.

Runergy Achieves Bronze Medal Recognition from EcoVadis for Outstanding CSR Performance

Runergy joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative in June 2023 — a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices. As a global photovoltaic company, Runergy is committed to not only delivering efficient and sustainable products and services but also embedding its vision for sustainable development into the business strategy. The recognition from EcoVadis with the Bronze Medal award acknowledges Runergy’s exceptional commitment to sustainable development. Looking ahead, Runergy will continue to uphold sustainable development principles, collaborating with partners to create a more sustainable and greener future.

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