Hyperion Solar and Grape Solar Form Strategic Partnership to Enter US Photovoltaic Module Market

Grape Solar and American Hyperion Solar have signed a strategic partnership agreement at the RE+ Vegas exhibition on September 12th. Grape Solar, a solar distributor and industrial park developer based in Oregon, and American Hyperion Solar, a module brand launched by Runergy Group for the US market, will collaborate to explore the photovoltaic market in the United States and capitalize on opportunities for future cooperation. 

Ocean Yuan, the founder and CEO of Grape Solar, and Dr. Longzhong Tao, the Chairman and CEO of Runergy attended the signing ceremony. Jerry Biron, the Senior Vice President of Grape Solar, and Ellen Wang, the Global Vice President of Sales of Runergy were also present. Additionally, the sales and marketing teams from both companies were in attendance.

Both companies share a commitment to partnership and strategic alliances, rather than “I DO IT ALL” and “Me Too” strategy, we understand our strengths and weaknesses, understand the industry’s pain points, and believe “Trust” and “Credibility” are the only currencies in the business world, commented Ocean Yuan, founder and CEO of Grape Solar, “we look forward to this partnership that will enhance our ALL THINGS MADE IN AMERICA strategy. This is further evidenced that our business model is scalable: we can continue to deliver high quality solar panels to our customers in all 50 states, at the lowest possible cost on time, every time.”

Dr. Tao Longzhong expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Grape Solar, a highly regarded player in the US solar distribution industry. As a rapidly expanding solar module manufacturer based in Huntsville, Alabama, with extensive manufacturing facilities spanning over a million square feet, American Hyperion Solar is among the few US manufacturers capable of delivering gigawatts of high-performance solar modules in a matter of months, rather than years. The collaboration between the two parties will mutually reinforce their respective strengths.

The partnership between Grape Solar and American Hyperion Solar represents a significant milestone in the expansion of the photovoltaic market in the United States. Through their unwavering dedication to partnership and strategic alliances, both companies are poised to surmount industry challenges and foster innovation within the solar industry.

About Grape Solar: Founded in 2009 by Ocean Yuan, an award-winning entrepreneur deeply rooted in Eugene, Oregon, with University of Oregon background, Grape Solar pioneered solar panel distribution channels with the nation’s leading big box retailers such as Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Grainers, etc. Grape Solar has been the center piece of ALL THINGS SOLAR MADE IN AMERICA initiative with a U.S. Solar Industrial Parks concept which is a virtual network of manufacturers in the United States to satisfy domestic content requirements under Inflation Reduction Act rules. The goal is to push for 100GW of solar products made in the U.S. soil in the next 8 to 12 years, with multi billion dollar investment, and creating thousands of high paying jobs in multiple states in the United States.

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