50 Days! Rambo&Weifeng 7MW PV Power Station System Connected to the Grid

Recently, at the factory rooftop of Jiangsu Weifeng Power, a globally recognized manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, the rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project constructed by Rambo Power (affiliated with Runergy) was successfully connected to the grid. The photovoltaic power station system, with a capacity of 7MW, was integrated into the grid in just over 50 days. The high efficiency and reliability of Rambo Power have assisted Weifeng Power in zero-carbon development.

The project is situated on the rooftop of Weifeng Power’s factory in Yancheng City, China. The power consumption method adopted is “self-use and surplus power grid,” with an overall installed capacity of 7 MW. The project is divided into four photovoltaic power generation units, utilizing 12,596 Runergy N-type 565 high-efficiency modules, 14 300kW string inverters, 10 196kW string inverters, and other photovoltaic system equipment. It is estimated that the annual power generation after grid connection will exceed 10 million kilowatt-hours, ensuring complete rooftop coverage and efficient utilization, resulting in a win-win prospect for both the environment and economic benefits. Notably, Rambo Power’s professionalism and service-oriented approach in reasonable design, cross-operation, efficient construction, and high-quality delivery have received high praise. Completing a 7MW medium and large roof construction and grid connection project in just over 50 days demonstrated Rambo’s speed and re-established industry benchmarks.

As a comprehensive new energy systems service provider, Rambo Power is dedicated to advancing innovation in technology, products, and scenarios. Rambo Power’s goal is to offer efficient and high-quality green power application solutions to all industries, injecting new transformation momentum into the zero-carbon development of industrial and commercial enterprises.

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