Greening Rare Earth Smelting: Runergy’s 5.93MW Rooftop Solar Power Station Connected to Grid

According to data released by the China Electricity Council, the non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical, building materials, and steel smelting industries collectively account for 32.7% of the total electricity consumption, making them some of the most power-consuming key industries.

At the end of 2023, the distributed photovoltaic power station of the China Northern Rare Earth (CNREG) smelting branch, constructed by RAMBO Power, a division of Runergy, was officially connected to the grid for electricity generation. Despite extreme climate conditions including heavy snowstorms, the project was completed in just 80 days.

The project utilizes Runergy monocrystalline single-glass high-efficiency 550W modules and Huawei string inverters. These are installed on 3 color steel tile roofs, 5 cement roofs, and a carport within the factory area, with a total capacity of 5.93MW and an estimated annual power generation of 8.5854 million kWh. The engineering team maximized the use of the factory roof space to achieve economic and ecological win-win benefits.

Driven by the energy transformation initiative, the China Northern Rare Earth Smelting Branch not only saves a significant amount on electricity bills annually with this PV project, but also takes on environmental protection and low-carbon responsibilities, resulting in positive environmental benefits. Additionally, photovoltaics can coordinate power generation, reduce carbon emissions in the factory, and create a more comfortable indoor environment and convenient parking conditions for employees.

Amidst the trends of energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, and low carbon, there is an increasing demand for green energy across the entire industry chain. RAMBO Power aims to provide high-energy-consuming enterprises with more targeted, high-efficiency, and comprehensive industry zero-carbon solutions, thereby assisting more industrial enterprises in achieving “green power production, energy conservation and emission reduction, and environmental improvement.”

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