Runergy’s PV Modules Obtain Italian Class 1 Fire Resistance Certification

Runergy has recently announced that the company’s dual glass photovoltaic (PV) modules have achieved the Class 1 (the highest level) fire resistance certification from the Italian CSI laboratory, demonstrating outstanding performance in a series of rigorous tests conducted in accordance with the UNI 9177 standard.

The full series of Runergy’s dual glass modules that have now obtained the Class 1 fire resistance certification include all the modules that use Perc, N-type and HJT technologies. The modules boast high power efficiency, great energy yield, and enhanced reliability. The company has deployed module production facilities both in domestic China and Thailand with planned total module capacity over 23GW.

Italy, characterized by a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers, places significant emphasis on the fire resistance capabilities of solar modules. The country has stringent classification criteria for fire resistance levels, with the UNI 9177 certification standard being a key benchmark. This standard evaluates combustion performance based on tests outlined in the UNI 8457 and UNI 9174 standards to determine the fire resistance level and assess the surface resistance of PV modules to flames and radiating heat. It is widely regarded as the most challenging fire resistance certification in Europe. The Class 1 certification that Runergy obtained rank among the highest grade in Italian fire resistance standards.

The testing and certification were conducted by CSI, a renowned European center of excellence specializing in testing and certifying materials, products, management systems, and business compliance. As a member of IMQ, a leading entity in Europe’s conformity assessment sector, CSI rigorously evaluated Runergy’s module products. The final test results met the stringent standard in Italian fire resistance regulations, further validating the quality and reliability of Runergy’s modules.

“We are very pleased to pass the highest level of fire resistance testing by Italian leading institute. It verifies the stringent quality control and excellent performance of our module products that meet the needs of our clients globally. In each of our global market, we make our utmost efforts to best serve our clients with customized products that surpass the local and international standard. As a leading global partner in renewable energy, it is our great honor to work together with our clients to bring more green energy to the international community,” commented Ellen Wang, the Vice President of Global Module Sales at Runergy.

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