Runergy’s N-Type Solar Module Excels in PVEL’s PQP Testing

Runergy has recently announced that the company’s new generation N-type double-glass solar modules demonstrated excellent performance in the Product Qualification Program (PQP) by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), a globally recognized independent testing laboratory. The comprehensive evaluation, consisting of six reliability tests, verified the outstanding reliability and power generation capabilities of the N-Type modules in extremely challenging climate conditions.

The rigorous evaluation involves thermal cycling, damp heat, mechanical stress sequence, potential induced degradation, and light- and elevated temperature-induced degradation, assessing the performance of solar modules in severe climates, such as high temperature, high humidity, and extreme temperature variations. PVEL’s PQP involves the supervision of the sample preparation process and testing under consistently calibrated equipment and laboratory environments, simulating typical and harsh usage conditions for serial testing of photovoltaic modules. This achievement proves Runergy’s stringent quality control standards in module R&D, material selection, and product design.

The tested product is the N-type double glass 144-piece module, perfectly applicable for harsh environments such as snow, desert, and salt flats, delivering significantly better performance even under conditions such as low light, low irradiation, high mechanical load, and high operation temperature, etc.

Ellen Wang, the Vice President of Global Module Sales at Runergy, expressed, “We’re excited to see that our solar modules not only meet but exceed the strict standards set by PVEL – PQP. Runergy’s ongoing growth relies on its unwavering dedication to stringent quality control and continuous innovation in R&D and its commitment to providing global customers with products that meet the very high level of industry standard. In a world where carbon neutrality has become one of the most important issues, our company is ready to contribute to the global course of sustainability development through making our utmost efforts in delivering solar products with high quality, high reliability and excellent performance to bring green energy to our communities.”

PVEL is a globally leading reliability and performance testing lab for solar project developers, financiers, and asset owners worldwide. With over 500 unique BOMs tested from more than 70 manufacturers, PQP provides a professional reference for financiers, developers, and operators when selecting high-quality module products. The three sets of BOMs that Runergy passed in the PQP test will be published by PVEL on its website.

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