Renewable Energy and Water Security: Runergy’s 100MW Solar Power Plant in Ningxia Pingluo

Runergy’s vertical value chain integration is undergoing rapid development. In addition to the swift progress in solar cells and modules services, the company’s EPC services have made significant advancements throughout the year. RAMBO Power, a division of Runergy, operates in three key sectors: power plant development, power plant services, and energy services. With the successful completion of numerous rooftop, C&I, and utility-scale PV projects, the recent connection of a 100MW PV power plant in the arid area of Hongyazi, Pingluo, Ningxia to the grid in May marks a substantial milestone. This project has promoted sustainability in the local area and has greatly expedited the energy transition process.

The PV system, supported by advanced solar technology, utilizes 189,000 PV modules produced by Runergy, generating approximately 140 million kWh of green energy annually. The green electricity significantly alleviates the water shortage in the region with limited rainfall, benefiting over 50,200 residents across three local towns. Moreover, it facilitates the development of local animal husbandry by ensuring ample water supply to breed 102,000 cows in the Hongyazi Dairy Park. Additionally, the system supplies sufficient water to the industrial park to meet its daily operational requirements.

The success of the Pingluo Hongyazi PV Project highlights Runergy’s commitment to sustainable development. Runergy will continue to propell the energy transition and strive to be a responsible leader in the PV industry.


About RAMBO Power
RAMBO Power, a division of Runergy, has experience in the development, design and construction of gigawatt-scale projects. According to customer needs and project characteristics, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive set of original solutions and executed multiple project types in a variety of conditions.

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