Runergy-Chongqing Oupan 3.2MW Photovoltaic Rooftop Project Successfully Connects to the Grid

The 3.2MW photovoltaic power project at Chongqing Oupan Manufacturing Base achieved a successful grid connection on November 27. This project marks the first milestone of the “Global Partner Plan” initiated by Runergy Power Station BU. Runergy’s zero-carbon solutions for precision home appliances and auto parts industries have gained significant traction among industry partners.

Located in Chongqing, the project adopts a “self-use and surplus power grid” model, allowing Oupan Manufacturing Base to accelerate green manufacturing through a reliable power supply. The installation of the photovoltaic system on the factory’s 15,000-square-meter roof showcases the seamless integration of Runergy’s solar modules with the building structure.

The project utilizes high-power P-type monofacial lightweight frame 144-piece modules known for their high conversion efficiency, excellent weak light performance, and superior load capacity. To optimize the installation process and enhance the overall reliability of the photovoltaic power station, we have implemented guide rail laying for the color steel tile roof. This approach reduces the need for additional installation materials, minimizes roof load, and greatly improves long-term reliability. Our design philosophy prioritizes the seamless integration of photovoltaics and buildings, taking into account factors such as waterproofing, leakage prevention, cooling, and aesthetics. This ensures maximum power generation gains while maintaining the safety and reliability of the building.

Runergy’s “high-efficiency modules + power station system” solution has significantly enhanced the reliability, weather resistance, and architectural aesthetics of the distributed power station throughout its lifetime. The power station is expected to generate an average annual power output of approximately 2.6 million KWH, saving around 1,100 tons of standard coal. This effectively transforms Chongqing Oupan’s rooftop resources into economic and environmental benefits.

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